Women's quota bill set to pass

After 13 years in hibernation, the prospects of passage of the controversial women's reservation bill on Saturday brightened with sharp divisions coming to the fore among one of the main the opponents of the measure--JD(U--as Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar declared his support.


DMK, National Conferene and Akali Dal, together accounting for nine MPs in Rajya Sabha, on Saturday also pledged their backing to the Constitution amendment bill, which has been put up in the business schedule of the Upper House on on Monday, placing the government in a comfortable position in the game of numbers.


Kumar's support came as a bolt from the blue for his party chief Sharad Yadav, a strong opponent of the bill since 1997 when it was first introduced, who said the party was still opposed to it. JD-U has seven MPs in Rajya Sabha and 20 in the Lok Sabha.


As it is a Constitution amendment bill, its passage requires a special majority of two-third backing of at least 155 members in a House 245 with an effective strength of 233.


The government has the clear support of 138 members of Congress, BJP and Left parties besides that of a number of small parties, which takes the backing to more than 165.


Let us hope it happens, it

Let us hope it happens, it had been a long time since it was proposed.

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