Lok Sabha Elections: 79% Record Turnout in West Bengal

Indians today voted for 121 Lok Sabha seats in 12 states, including Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Polling has been already completed in 111 seats.


Turnout was 78.89 per cent in 4 seats of West Bengal where as 63.25 per cent in 20 seats of Rajasthan. 62.52 per cent polling was recorded in 11 seats of UP. Voter turnout in 3 seats of Chhattisgarh was 63.44 per cent and in 10 seats of MP 54.41 per cent.  Turnout in 19 seats of Maharashtra was 54.67 per cent. In Odisha’s 11 seats it was 70 per cent where as in one seat of Manipur it was 74 per cent.


Jharkhand recorded 62 per cent polling in 6 constituencies, Bihar 56 per cent in 7 seats, Karnataka 66 per cent in all the 28 seats.


The nine-phase election began on 7 April and will conclude on 12 May. Votes will be counted on 16 May.


More than 814 million Indians are eligible to vote in the polls.

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