Election results: Congress to form govt in Uttarakhand

Congress tonight appeared on course to form government in Uttarakhand after it took a wafer-thin one seat advantage over ruling BJP in a cliff-hanger of a contest in state assembly polls.

Uttarakhand Result Status
Status Known For 70 out of 70 Constituencies

Party Won Leading Total
Bahujan Samaj Party 3 0 3
Bharatiya Janata Party 31 0 31
Indian National Congress 32 0 32
Uttarakhand Kranti Dal(P) 1 0 1
Others 3 0 3

Out of all the 70 results, Congress won 32 seats--four short of majority in the 70-member House and ruling BJP followed closely with 31 seats. Congress sources said the party would seek the support from three successful independent candidates as well as UKD, which won one seat, for government-making.


BSP won three seats and could also hold the to government formation in the state. As Congress emerged as the single largest party, a delegation of the party called on governor Margaret Alva late this evening and staked claim to form new government.

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