City of the year

How Mumbai became Bombay in 2008 and what it means for u

It is this previous experience that makes the outpouring of public sentiment following the 26/11 attack in Mumbai so baffling in its naïveté and in its apparent lack of social responsibility. Rallies, candles, banners, SMS and chain mails about unity can be said to represent a well-intentioned but fairly unproductive show of sentiment. At the other extreme are the calls to stop paying taxes and new formations seeking a more fundamental change in the “system” but with little awareness of their role in creating it; the language used is deeply anti-political and the perceived solutions are self-serving. Commentators have rightly criticised these tendencies so amply demonstrated by Mumbai’s elite, and yet the fact that so much has changed in a short span of 15 years leads one to suggest that there is perhaps more here than meets the eye.

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