BJP backs PC's anti-Naxal fight, flays Govt

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram came under attack in both houses of Parliament from a united Opposition and even from some members of the ruling alliance on the Dantewada tragedy in which Maoists ambushed and killed 76 security personnel on April 6.

As Parliament's Budget session resumed on Thursday after a month-long break, the Opposition cornered the Government on the Maoist menace accusing it of being soft on the rebels. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led the charge in both the Houses of Parliament. In the Lok Sabha BJP MP Yashwant Singh claimed that the Government had compromised with the Maoists in Andhra Pradesh for political gains which led to strong protest from the treasury benches.

"UPA 1 sent out a message that it was ready to compromise with terrorists. They reached a compromise with Maoists in Andhra to achieve political gains," said Sinha after which Speaker Meira Kumar reprimanded him asking him to desist for making allegations that he could not substantiate.

Trying to take advantage of some Congress leaders and alliance partners targeting Chidambaram's anti-Maoist strategy, Sinha also alleged that UPA was divided and lacking the will to fight the rebels. Sinha claimed that while his party had come out in support of Chidambaram, some leaders in the Congress were challenging his policies to tackle the Maoists.

"We stood up with Home Minister, with the Government in the fight against Naxalism. Is Congress with the Government, is the UPA with the Government? In an article by a Congress General Secretary in a newspaper, he has challenged his (Chidambaram's) policy on the Maoist menace. The supreme question is when we need to stand together, the ruling coalition stands severely divided," said Sinha.

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