Arvind Kejriwal launches party for alternative politics

India Against Corruption member Arvind Kejriwal announced the launch of a party to provide “alternative politics for changing the system and giving power back to the people.”. However he did not disclose the name of the party, saying it had not been registered yet. The name of the party and its constitution and, possibly, the list of office-bearers would be announced at another function scheduled for November 26, Ambedkar Jayanti.


“This is the time for every one to stand up and be counted. You have to declare which side are you on. Are you with the present lot of politicians who have sold everything from coalmines, 2G spectrum, thorium, iron ore to dams, land, forests, hills and even a river, or are you with us, who are fighting to change this corrupt system before it is too late?” he asked.


He declared halla-bol against the Sheila Dikshit government, which faces elections next year, for allowing a steep increase in power and water tariffs in the capital. He outlined a series of actions that included burning of the inflated bills and picketing the Chief Minister’s residence.


A draft vision document which talks of power to people, and judicial, police, bureaucracy and electoral reforms, was released. It says the winning candidates would not use red-beacon vehicles, will not live in huge bungalows and will shed security paraphernalia; not more than one member of a family will be given ticket to contest elections. People will decide the profit margins of products and futures trading in essentials will be banned to contain inflation. The party will have its own Lokpal to monitor any charge of corruption against members.

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