Anna, team end fast, go political

Anna Hazare and his supporters broke their "indefinite" fast on Friday after their latest street campaign against graft and announced their decision to switch to politics to pursue their cause.


Kejriwal asked the public to suggest a name for their political party, its structure and manifesto, and said they would take the “fight” from the streets to Parliament. At the same time, Kejriwal said that he did not “have any desire to fight elections” if the UPA government enacted a strong Lokpal bill, the right to reject/recall elected representatives and empowered gram sabhas before the 2014 elections.


Hazare declared that he would neither fight elections nor would he be a part of the political party that would be launched. “I will keep an eye on my team from outside,” he said. He would also tour the country and campaign for the candidates who would be put up by India Against Corruption’s new political party.


Admitting that at this stage what the India Against Corruption planned to do was “no more than a broad vision,” Mr. Kejriwal said their aim was not to just win elections but to challenge all political parties. “We will put all the donations received and expenses on the website and challenge other parties to do the same.”

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