Anna Team criticises Lokpal draft report

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday criticised the Parliament Standing Committee's Lokpal draft report and said the report aimed to fulfill Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's wishes.

The Standing Committee report contradicts the Pranab Mukherjee's statement in the House. After three months' exercise, Standing Committee report only gives constitutional status to the Lokpal. This is a report to fulfill Rahul Gandhi's wishes. The committee has not been given Lokpal the jurisdiction either," said Kejriwal.

"This bill will further increase the corruption in society. This Lokpal Bill has tried to destroy the CBI as well. Better not to have this Lokpal Bill than to have this Bill. We reject this Bill completely," he added.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi for a weak Lokpal Bill report, Anna Hazare said, "The Government does not intend to make India corruption free. We reject the Standing Committee."

"The Government is cheating the country and not just the Team Anna. The Government has duped the people of India. Till the C and D category employees are not brought under the Lokpal, there will be no respite from corruption," said Hazare.

Giving ultimatum to the Government, Hazare said if required Parliament session should be extended by the number of days that have been wasted.

"If a strong bill is not brought, I will go from state to state making people aware. One day, the people will teach this Government a lesson. They do not remember the sacrifice of Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters," Hazare said.

Hazare further said, "We will go to five states now. We will keep working till a strong Lokpal Bill is brought. Why to keep people who are distroying the country?"

Talking on Rahul Gandhi, Hazare said, "If he decides to adopt our proposals, we will work with him. Rahul is a youngster and many see him as future prime minister. If he becomes prime minister without changing his mindset, it will be dangerous for the country."

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