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For women, where there's a bill, there's a way

Perhaps one shouldn't expect too much too soon from the women's reservation bill - but besides changing the face of politics, it is bound to alter the gender dynamics of Indian society gradually, say experts.

Counsellor Sameer Parikh says quotas are sometimes required to initiate change. The women's reservation bill will surely have an impact on the mindset of Indian society although it will be a gradual process.

Choose right candidate for your vote

Voters want change but who is the right candidate, how can one decide because most political parties have fielded candidates with criminal background.

The Third Front an Affront?

The election euphoria is heating up. Almost all ordinary news becomes sensational during these days and the people of India are treated with more masala than the news per se. The buzz word for the past one week is the “Third Front”. This front has nothing to do with ideologies but with opportunities. This is a cluster of small regional parties who over estimate their value and has no national image. However, they are pretty good at their regional levels.

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