Why to vote ?

Often we Indians wonder why we should vote. The sole reason of this question is due to our distrust in our leaders. This question haunts most of us whenever we think about voting. It often ends in not voting at all. This is not a good solution as we waste our right to choose. We need to find answer ourselves. We can blame politicians for the mess, while we didn’t choose right.

Its very common phenomena in our urban culture in not going to vote due to either avoiding minor discomforts of going to poll booth or standing in line for hours even if we want to vote for some one. Strangely in USA another democratic country people take pride in voting and waits hours to cast their vote.

Not doing any thing does not make any thing right. We have already seen the result of it. There is no more better time for us than now to make it right. Irrespective of our reservations against voting we must now wake up and choose the right leadership this year. This is a very challenging time for every one and we need to make right decisions if we really wish a better future for our country.

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