Who wants to serve the nation?

On Tuesday Prime Ministerial candidate of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) LK Advani targeted Congress saying that the party has no culture of sharing power. Advani said it was the BJP that shared power with other parties at the centre, while addressing a rally in favor of the BJP candidate I.D. Swami in Haryana district.

BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday said if Sonia could bring someone like Manmohan Singh through the ``back door'' to Parliament and make him PM, ``why can't a well-educated `Dalit ki beti' like me, who has won several elections and is CM of country's biggest state, become Prime Minister?

So they all want to be PM or share the power but no body  says I want to serve the nation. It seems that our politicians have lost there way completely. Media seems to be totally gone in shell and has forgotten its responsibility.

We are in midway of general election and they have already started talking publicly about power sharing and willingness to get there share. Its really a shameful act but who is listening. Belonging to certain religion, cast or family should not be cause of favor for any body at any place but we have already lost our way.

So what should I get ? I am an Indian what is my share in it?

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