What happened to Indian Media ?

Indian media again did what it should not. It has created a new leader for the BJP and for the Hinduithava factions , with out any help from the BJP.  They have managed single handily made a big issue of a small speech give in a remote place to a national importance, and all the "News" channels and websites has been covering "drama" almost on priority.

It seems that media itself likes sensational stories and assumes that people like them and it makes their rating up. They try to beat so much to compete each other  and in the end it starts looking like a issue of national importance. Not long time it was Muthaik from Ram Sena they made them hero. I was reading online edition of a top news paper of India and these guys put Muthaik’s support for Varun on front page with big heading. Then I read the comments from viewer they criticized these guys and the news paper as well. After few hours that headline   was gone from the site. Not sure if they recognized it or they got another HOT news. But it really ridiculous to see this kind of attitude from so called fourth pillar of our democracy.

I believe there should be something which can clean our media industry as well. Well every body talks about our corrupted system but why not them. Its time to realize that media does not deserve to be called a pillar of democracy and it needs to be cleaned. They need to compete for fairness and  honesty not for this kind of hollow hype.

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