A Vote for Stability

A lot of things has happened since my last blog. Election results are already announced. Congress led coalition has got majority. I had a sigh of relief not that I died hard Congress support. It’s because we would have a very stable government and with very honest Prime minister for next 5 years.


During these hard times it was absolutely needed and people showed what they want. They want stable and good governance. Congress has got this opportunity and let’s hope it does not disappoint us.


Most important thing is that we do not have any left or right leg pullers. It had been a bumpy ride last 5 years any time Government wanted to do some constructive work some body is already have roadblock ready.


There is a rule of thumb in Indian politics that what ever Government does oppose it first then think about. Well, I do not say Government is always right or wrong. But opposition needs to be constructive not just for the sake of it.


Will be back soon.

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