Political reform needed

one of the most serious thing in contemporary india is that the common people has lost its confidece in the politicians because most of the politicians are either corrupt or having criminal background. They have no political vision for the country and no solid programme for the overall development of the country.Most of the politicians are ignorent of the rich heritage of India. They do not know the importance of political values like secularism, religious pluralism, multiculturalism, equality and universality of religions.They merely know how to manipulate the common people in the name of caste, community, creed and region. They enter into politics through short cut methods for fulfilling their vested intrests and for making money.

There is urgent need of some fundamental social and political changes right from declaration of election manifesto.to selection of candidates by different parties.

1. Every national party should declare its election manifesto atleast six months before electin and must be well discussed at different forums and in this respect the big role has to be played by media.
2.There must be some minimum eligibility criteria for the candidates.
3.Allthe candidates should undergo political screening in a transparent mannere.g. they must be selected by their prequalifying speech before a group of selecters belonging to different sections of society comprising of renowned politicians . professors ,doctors, advocates. representative of local bodies through secret ballot.
4.There should be mid term assessment of the M.P and M.L.A so that their accountability should be fixed.
5. No criminals should be allowed to contest election in any circumstance.

Thes are some of the measures to be adopted immeditely to restore the sanctity in politics.As for as the present loksabha polls are concerned it is the pios duty of all adult citizens of India to actively participate in the election and for the candidates with clean image and those who are dedicated to the service of india. At least we should elect the lesserevil.Again more and more intellectuals should come forward because merely criticising the corrupt politicians will not suffice. we are suppossed to fill the gap by our active participation, after all it is all about the future of our beloved country.

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