Need to act

Every Indian always wants to do something for his/her country. We think but sometimes really could not do any good, but we could not sit idle. We possibly need to go beyond our needs and hesitation and really start contributing to nation no matter how small it is. If we analyze our democratic structure then we can really figure out some solution.  Although there are many thing which needs to be fixed and may take another 100 years to fix them but in my view we can start with one that is by choosing a right leader which we do not have obviously. As a nation we have forgotten that we have option to choose one so we need to act.
We need to understand that we have right to choose and we must exercise it. In India most educated people do not vote so our education becomes meaning less if we do not realize it.
Once we realize it then we need to choose, then who is the right person of the job. Often you see that no one is worthy for your vote. That is not always true , we sometime tend to see only principal candidates from political parties but sometime some times unknown and honest candidate also tries their luck and they get few hundred votes. So again our loss. In USA Obama became president, but 2 years back hardly people knew him, how did it happen - if people wanted to know about him they can get all the info, credentials, his thoughts on each issue and many other things,  above all a hope for change.  Can this happen in India? Well you might say no, but I would say it already happened once, Can you recall V P Singh, it started in 1987 and he became PM in 1989. How?? Well people thought him as an honest and savior of the country. I myself clearly remember those days when allot of young people of that time were crazy about him and it was like a new revolution which swept whole country. So it happened and it can happen again.
Some how we didn’t got what we expected from him. It should not stop us from wanting a change.

We need a system to analyze candidates in every aspect of their life, views .., that can impact our nation... We know most of our leaders by their party affiliation or their origin; instead we need to know them by their thoughts/actions/vision. We need a system which can provide these all inputs/information to our people which in the end will be able to choose right leader/candidate.
I believe in a sincere attempt for this cause. As Lord Krishna says in Gita
Karmanyevaadhikarastey maa phaleshu kadachan.
Maa karmaphalheturbhuurma tey sangoastwakarmani

Lets act.


Do we care about change?

You raised a valid point but do we care about change every election we see same kind of story these politicians just try to make their combinations in their innovative ways they do not say they offer any more ..getting worst

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