The great game of rice

The great game of rice has been begun. First Congress promised 25kg of rice or wheat at Rs 3 a month for every family below the poverty line. Now BJP looks to respond with a similar scheme with food grain for the poor at even cheaper rates.

It may eat up to Rs 5000 crore of tax payers money and if BJP comes with a lower price then even harder hit. Well its not there money so they don’t have hesitation to spend any money.  How many of them spend even a penny of their legitimate earnings for similar good cause.

Also there is no guarantee that this kind of trick will work in any bodies favor while other factors like religion and cast is also a vote factor.

So much money is allocated every year for rural development and only God knows where it goes. We never see any body talking about those schemes and its benefits. Most of the money goes to undeserving persons and some unused money goes to government.  It seems right topic to explore. I do not know that how much money was spent in last 5 years for rural development purpose and what is the result.

Look for my next blog and see what I get.


This is not new

This rice prank is already played allot at th state level ..Was it Andhra ?? These guys are some . They will do any thing for vote.

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