Choose right candidate for your vote

Voters want change but who is the right candidate, how can one decide because most political parties have fielded candidates with criminal background.

We need to take a vow to defeat candidates heavily and need to see if there is any candidate who is worth a vote event though does not belong to any political party. If even then no one is found to be of worth then citizens need to form groups and field their own candidates. There are lot of honest people who are willing to contest if public supports them. By forming small groups public can reach out with constituency with minimum money and ensure victory of their candidate.

This kind of effort is already initiated in some part of our country and we can learn from them and start every where. We need to be aware that if do not care about our vote then no one will.


Not a practical solution

In current political scenario there is no one we can vote. We can say it so many times that we should do som nay things but its not going to solve any problem.

We need to remove political coruption

Only problem of india is polotical corruption because it covers all hazards to the nation. Any political scam is not opened till date and as we Indians are likely to have problem for remembering past we always left the past and vote for current. political coruption is the essence of all problems in india.

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